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On-Site Consulting Services
Ergo Dave CPE LLC Services
Virtual Assessments
Dave gives his customers high quality ergonomics consulting services, personalized to their unique needs, delivered on time.  Overnight service available.
Send Dave a description of an ergonomics problem along with photos or video tape, and he will promptly review, assess and email back his recommendations to improve the situation.  Next day and overnight service available.
Ergonomics program reviews/audits
Advanced ergonomics assessment/abatement training
Ergonomics awareness training for employees, engineers, supervisors and managers in a wide variety of environments 
Ergonomics design reviews
Ergonomics standard & guideline development/review
ADA/return-to-work case work
Ergonomics injury/illness investigation and abatement design
Office ergonomics assessments
Furniture specification review
Ergonomics walk-about area reviews
Repetitive motion, lifting, push/pull assessment and abatement recommendations

Pro Bono Work
Ergo Dave is available for pro bono ergonomics consulting tasks at non profit organizations.